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My name is Carlos and I am a UX designer.


A little about me: I have a Master of Fine Arts degree in Computer Arts. I have earned awards both in graphic design and fine art. I work mainly in the corporate world. I participate sporadically in fine art shows where I exhibit my photography. I am a self-published author. I have taught at a few prestigious universities.


The chart below illustrates services I can professionally provide that may be of help to you. I can provide portfolio examples upon request.

App Design

Art Direction

Brand & Identity

Creative Direction


Fine Art

Logo Design



Print Design



UX design

Web Design

Web Development



Made with love and sweat

This is what some people I have worked with have said:



I would recommend Carlos as an efficient, trustworthy and delightful person any day. No matter what he entails, he is reliable.

Ann H.



I fear I may not be the type of person who remembers to say thanks often enough. So I just wanted to let you know how glad I am you're here and what positive comments I'm hearing from other people about you. I thought our team approach at the meeting yesterday went so well. It's such a relief to me to have someone who can work on these web development projects with me.

Melissa C.



I just wanted to let you know that I love this ad!  I’ve used a different photo of the same girl in one of our development brochures!  :-) Great job!

Gwyneth M.



Just thought you’d like to know that everyone loves the website!  Thanks again for your hard work on this. This site is wonderful!!! They will be thrilled.

Joan C.



These really look GREAT!  thanks!!!  What an improvement!!!

Lisa H.



You impress me. You are a genius.

Cynthia M.



I really loved everything you did and was impressed with the clever way you got the photo shoot done.

Joel L.



Wow, Carlos, what a beautiful piece! I love the color combinations and the images are great. Thanks so much for turning it so quickly for us.

Deanna N.



The pull-up shade banner looks awesome!  I picked it up last night – we tested it out and it looks fabulous!  Carlos, I love the design and your graphics for this event - received many compliments on it.  Thank you!

Yvonne M.



Know that we are delighted with the quality, the paper choices, and the artistry that you all have invested in this result. Presentation is all for this packet. Your wonderfully creative design makes a terrific impact. The packet is earning applause on campus and – most importantly – off campus.

Barbara B.



Love these, love these! The banners are up and just beautiful!  The client is so pleased!

Sharon M.



This is awesome!!!! Thank you so much.

Sue M.



I think the design is fabulous!  It is a very creative solution and well done. Thank you again for all of your work on this project!

Charlotte C.



Making something out of nothing. You were able to take those photographs, which were close to nothing, and turn them into something. You turned the idea into something wonderful. You do such beautiful work! This looks stunning, absolutely beautiful! Great job Carlos.

Betsy B.



I want to say special thanks for your work on the project. These were high-profile projects that have been very well received internally as well as helping with brand awareness as both projects are public-facing and are of very high quality. You went the extra mile on both of these to ensure high-quality and appropriate photography as well as production. It is clear that you make those you serve your highest priority. In addition, the new website isn't even recognizable from its previous form, and it sets a new standard for the institution. Both sites required a lot of customer service. The work you did and taking the initiative to create a character for the pediatric version of the project demonstrates the sense of ownership you have towards all of the work you do. In the end, it’s the many patients who will benefit from your excellent work. Thank you again.

Jill A.



Oh I just love it! Hopefully they will too. Thank you so much for taking the time to revise this and find the perfect picture. Joan and I really appreciate your flexibility. It looks wonderful.

Shana H.



You did a wonderful job on the ad, particularly given that we were working with a very short time frame and it was a politically challenging concept and finished product.  Thank you, Carlos... a real life saver.

Sharon P.



Thank you again for all of your help in creating a wonderful logo.  We are very pleased and our compliments for the fantastic work.

Kirstin S.



Thank you very much for your quick work and response time.  I appreciate it very much.

Cindy T.



You have totally taken the cake with this!!!  I LOVE ALL OF THEM!!!!  The lace idea is genius!!!!  I will get with the team and choose which one we like best.  It is going to be tough.  I can’t tell you thank you enough for giving me back something frilly. Ha ha I love it!

Heather S.



I just wanted to let you know that I have SO many emails coming in about the new website (we even received an email from some folks in Brazil this morning) complimenting us on how wonderful it looks.  Everyone is giving ME the credit as if I’ve done it all myself.  I have instructed them that they should be complimenting you, Carlos, for all your hard work (and your undying patience!).  In case you haven’t received any feedback from anyone in our group, I just wanted you to know everyone loves it! You’re fabulous! Thank you so much!!

Stephanie H.



Many thanks for this. I recognize that even asking for you all to design something in Word is a little crazy, but here you have gone and done it. You and your team are incredible and have my highest regards and the praise of all of us here. Count us among your extremely satisfied customers.

Anne E.



I showed off your beyooooteeefulll design at the meeting and received rave reviews!

Sharon B.



YEAH !!!  Thanks for all of your hard work. It looks terrific. I can’t wait to see the final version.

Michelle G.



Wow, Carlos, you did it!  This search function is absolutely fabulous. Thanks, Carlos. You and your team have done a beautiful job. :) you have been great.

Wes E.



Carlos, Great job with updating the website; it is great!! Can’t say enough positive!

Pamela B.



It’s outstanding in every way. Thanks so much!

Lawrence M.



Just wanted to tell you all how much everyone liked the exhibits at the event this past Saturday evening as well as the printed publications. Received lots of positive feedback and enthusiasm with folks wanting to read the stories - especially the kiddos.  Thank you for pulling everything together under such short notice.

Yvonne M.



I love these! The design is beautiful and functional. I cannot thank you enough for the work you have put into making the new patient handbook so beautiful and patient-centered. I am so proud of it! This is a masterpiece!

Anne W.



I know your work is well regarded.

Judy O.



That looks fantastic!! The nurse coordinators all really like this (me too!)

Amy W.



Carlos, Great job with updating the website; it is great!! Can’t say enough positive!

Pamela B.



I met with the director of the pediatric weight management clinic, and he LOVED the demonstration of the pediatric interface -- the little robot guy.  He feels that would really appeal to this patient population from the younger children in his clinic up through the adolescents.  We should put that on the stack when time permits!!

Gretchen J.



Carlos, this is very nice, I think they will have trouble choosing a favorite both are wonderful. Good Job!

Deborah D.



All credit goes to Carlos.  The site is absolutely beautiful! And very easy to navigate.

Stephen D.



I just ventured to the new website, and I just want to tell you how impressed I am. Talk about clean and easy to navigate. I especially liked the ease of exploring the research areas, and the clarity of the various interdisciplinary projects. Very well done.

Sandra F.



Love it.

Jennifer P.



I just wanted you to know that I received a copy of the new patient handbook and it is absolutely beautiful! You all did a wonderful job and thank you so much for your contribution.

Kimberly D.



One girl, while registering, said the t-shirt was the whole reason she was doing it!  So I guess we should thank you for the extra participant!  ;)

Karen K.



These are extraordinary!  The design is gorgeous. I like this a lot! Thanks so much for your effort.

John S.

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